Homework and Preparing Proper Atmosphere for It

In research it was found that these days children are getting various health problems which were not so common earlier, so it became necessary to find out the reason behind it and after a study completed on this issue it was found that children are spending more than one hour and for completing their homework and study students have to sit and read continuously for a long time and that too often without any assistance which is causing back pain, partial migraine and various other problems. One word in this process is homework. It is a very important part of studies for student life in many ways. In order to bring toppers out of the students, they are burdened with a lot of homework far more than their capacity to endure. They have been given assignments to write, activities to do and a lot more which makes them more busy than their parents. Students can be seen tired and with a pale face due to such a burden. All these above things are necessary for the betterment of students but everything is good to an extent. On an average students, who belong to elementary education spend 5-6 hours in school where they have to study only that too in a restricted environment under discipline. For example, a high school student who is already under pressure of board exams who has a task to prepare notes and has to go through preparation of home exams as well as board exams and assignments, he will be under extreme pressure and won’t be able to prepare his notes. Schools are taking help of online school ERP to solve this issue because online school ERP is very helpful in proper school administration.

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Students should never be burdened with so much that their mental status as well as their studies get affected. They should be allowed to prepare and study online with the help of online classes app also so that they can get various good study materials for preparation on those online classes app. For example, if they are tasked to write an essay on “education ERP software India”, then they can at least get all details online about “education ERP software India”. They should be guided and taught by mentors with the right plans & methods to prepare in less time. Student life is a precious moment of life which should be managed and guided in a facilitative and full of knowledge method instead of burdening. If students complete their homework properly in time, then, there will be a proper revision of all the text material taught by the teacher. Homework also teaches students an important lesson of management i.e., to plan and organize the studies and act accordingly so that study should be a joyful process instead of being a burden.

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Here some essential instructions and directions are discussed below to prepare a proper homework atmosphere for the child:

  • Children should be taught to be organised from a very tender age. This prevents their lifestyle from getting into imbalance. Children should have a learning station which should be neat and clean and well organised with all the study material they need. It is seen often that an unorganised and messy study environment creates stress and anxiety among children regarding study and learning. Neat and well organised study place provides focus and concentration to the children due to which they become able to complete their homework and other study works in time and more efficiently.
  • Children should be active enough towards their responsibilities of their study work. Laziness and ignorance can reduce their academic productivity and also lack of concentration makes children sit at study stations unnecessarily for a long time because homework and study doesn’t get completed in time and they have to sit for a longer time which causes leg, body and back pain. First of all, the sitting posture of the child should be changed from very relaxing to a table having height till the chest of child and a straight chair on which the child can sit with a straight backbone.
  • Children should avoid learning in an imbalanced environment like studying the books by laying down on bed will affect eyesight and sitting for a long-time interval can affect the flow of blood in the body. No child should spend more than an hour to complete or to do homework. Students should relax their body and mind by taking little breaks while studying like taking a stroll, listening to sweet music for 10 minutes or doing some relaxing yoga asanas of 10-15 minutes. Also, children should be taught to do Surya Namaskar daily in the morning which will provide overall relaxation to the whole body from head to toe and make blood flow very smooth and good.
  • For a perfect homework environment, it is very necessary that child should not do his studies in a dark place or a study place where proper light system is not there because studying or learning in a low light puts pressure on eyesight and soon child gets weak eye sight with compulsion of wearing spectacles all the time in a very small age. Hence it is necessary that child should get proper light and if it can be natural sunlight that will be much better for his health also as sunlight is a prime source of Vitamin D. While taking breaks from long study and learning process child should try to take small walks in sunlight so that if he is feeling sleepy or lazy any how due to lowlight then he will get freshness to again get to the studies.
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